Public authority services / Public private partnership

Vandalism, burglaries or criminal activities in public - Starco Security Ltd. helps to prevent municipalities from criminal actions and from damaged reputations, e.g. with our regular patrols or with some general police measures. Starco Security LLC ensures a safe and comfortable life in business and residential areas of your municipality.

With our security specialists we are the perfect addition to the police. Our work collaboration supplies the national security organs for peacefulness and calmness. May you need a uniformed presence service at late hours at a dangerous hot spot such as parks, public meeting points, rail stations and schools? In that case Starco Security Ltd. is the perfect partner for you. With our long experience in the security business we are able to provide you the right solution.

Our priority is to solve a conflict without violence that means our strongest weapon is the word. If a physical intervention is required it has to be done with the necessary proportionality and the aspect or self-defense and defense support. The early identification and classification of the escalation level allows a good prevention of dangerous situations from the beginning. The specific equipment and a confident and competent presence of one of our security guards support the de-escalating effect as well.

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