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Starco Security Ltd.
Eggstrasse 4
P.O. Box 29
CH-8907 Wettswil
Phone +41 (0)43 466 20 20
Fax +41 (0)43 466 20 25

UID Nr.: CHE-109.351.280

Office Zurich
Europaallee 41
CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41 (0)44 450 60 60

Office Zug
Alpenstrasse 15
CH-6304 Zug
Phone +41 (0)41 833 80 80

Member of the board of the
Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU)

Global Securalliance Group eng
Founding member

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Label for a good quality institute in further education

Label Swiss Safety Center for a good quality institute

Member of ASIS International and Chapter 160 Switzerland

Vereinigung Sicherheit im Detailhandel
Partner-Member of Association of Swiss Retail Security

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History of Starco Security Ltd.

The company Starco Security Ltd. was founded in April 1994. Meanwhile Starco Security Ldt. has over 60 very well educated employees who are under full-time and part-time contract. Some of our employees started their career at the police department or they achieved the Swiss Federal Certificate for higher education for Security and Guarding or the Swiss Federal Certificate for higher education for close protection (FPO).

In July 2009 Starco Security expended its business and opened a second office in the city of Zug (Switzerland).

In June 2012 transformation of Starco Security LLC to Starco Security Ltd.

Starco Security Ltd. has the official approval for the performance of several security services also for canton Aargau, Basel City, Geneva, Luzern, Jura, Neuenburg, St. Gallen, Thurgau and Vaadt, where special permits are required. In November 2010 the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors decided to introduce a standard security service concordat. The aim is to launch a single permit for the entire German speaking part of Switzerland. The implementation of this approach should replace the old system in the following years. Further details can be found in our news archive.


Member of the Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU)

Starco Security Ltd. is Member of the Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU) since 2005. Marco Fetz was elected to the board of the Association of Swiss Security Service Companies (VSSU) at the 2009.

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Global Secure Alliance Group

Starco Security Ldt. is founding member and partner of the Global Secure Alliance Group since 2015. You will find more information about the Global Secure Alliance Group here.
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